About Local Black™

About Local Black™

About Local Black™

From slavery, sharecropping, Jim Crow, lynchings, beatings, red-lining, to deaths at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us -- we Black people have gone through A LOT in this country.  Hell, we're still going through it. 

I tell everyone that there has to be a greatness about us as a people because WE ARE STILL HERE!  No other group of people has gone through what we've gone through, and continue to go through, and probably could not survive what we have been through as a people; but we have survived...

What we at Local Black™ want to do is to celebrate the amazing resilience of our people by doubling down on our greatness by investing in our Black communities today and investing in the future of Black people in this country.  Our goal is to invest in and grow the Black community by investing our hard earned dollars in Black businesses in our local communities, and we will work hard to get others to do the same.

With Local Black™, we:

Want to make it easy for people to find Black-owned businesses and service providers.
Our goal is to ensure it is not only easy to find Black-owned businesses in your local community, but we want to make it easy for you to give them some business.

We want you to have access to Black-owned businesses.
Finding Black-owned businesses is only part of our solution.  We want to give you access to find more information about Black-owned businesses in the community so you can make the best choice when selecting a Black-owned business or service provider for your personal or professional needs.

We want you to become customers of Black-owned businesses.
The purpose of this platform is to convert our users (you) into Black-owned business customers.  Your dollars going to Black-owned businesses is an investment in the financial growth of the Black community today and tomorrow.